Swim, Bike, Run & Eat Away

Blogs vary as much as people themselves vary. This past month since my decision to write a blog I have been reading numerous blogs. There are “how to” blogs on ever topic in sight of the stars. My blog connection in the past has usually been how to cook, bake or braid. Now I am reading more lifestyle blogs and the process of creating a blog. There has been a lot to learn. A visual is a must. Oops I missed that my first time around. Also linking to sources and other blogs is common. I really like the hyperlink.  As I have been thinking of what I want my blog to be (and this idea will continue to develop). I want it to be a way to connect. People are important to me and I hope I can find that online, a connection beyond the superficial. I do not know that this is possible but I am willing to try. As I read, I found a blog with a women who likes to run as I do but she also posted a picture on her couch relaxing with her family as she wrote from her cellphone. I felt a connection, but I have no idea who she is or where she lives. I couldn’t pick her off the street, but our interactions have just begun.

To become better at something we must practice. I practice a lot because I have a long way to get to my ideal self. Many people take the month of January to change, I haven’t changed but I admit there is a desire to try harder. I want to swim more, bike often, run faster and travel to every taste. January is a success. Today I swam, I am slow but somehow between working at 5 am, volunteering at the local food pantry, and attending 5 classes I didn’t quit.

If you are anywhere on the eastern side of the United States this week, you have snow. Getting outside is unadvisable but I was able to continue to bike to work and run the Chicago F3 half marathon (anything under 2 hours is a success!)

Finally I found time to travel. January has allowed a day trip to Washington DC and a weekend adventure to Chicago. Fortunately I beat the snow. I landed in Washington DC close to noon, I immediately hoped on the metro line. I was surprised by how expensive public transit is. I got off about a mile from the National Smithsonian Zoo and walked. It was a beautiful 28 degrees and sunny. I kept gloves and a hat on the entire time but did take off my heaviest layer. My goal was to visit the panda family, especially their newest addition Bei Bei who was born in August. His first public debut was this month. He is beautiful. There was a line out the door of all ages and nationalities. I was able to see the whole family Momma Mei Xiang, Poppa Tian Tian (Whose video from a few days later is now viral) and Bao Bao the 2.5 year old big sister were on display eating bamboo and napping.  Bei Bei was more elusive. Near 1:45pm a zoo keeper came and set him within view. He promptly looked around and headed right back into his den. Though our interaction was brief, it was magical. I relate to the movement and attitude of the panda. They are friendly, nonviolent and chill but they have their own agendas and unbreakable wills. The Panda Habitat closes a 4pm, they enforced it strictly, but you can watch the pandas anytime on webcam.

My flight wasn’t till 7pm so I decided to go check out the White House, Treasury and Washington Monument. Because of the cold, tourist were sparse and I was able to get a photo of the white house and me without interference.  Finally before heading back to the airport, I stopped by a local taco joint, District Taco that was unusually busier than its neighboring competitors. It was amazing. I bought the Breakfast Burrito with bacon and it was worth every calorie.

My other getaway for the month was a weekend trip to Chicago. The airport was a mess with delays and cancellations, I left work early to catch an earlier flight, but it was delayed. I arrived in Chicago earlier than originally hoped. I hoped on the L which is currently a reasonable $10 for a 24 hour pass. I met up with friends and we did what friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time do. We ate and we talked at Reno near Logan Square, amazing cavatelli. We headed downtown to pick up our race packets. Laughed, talked, ate more and we enjoyed the downtown lights and bridges.  Saturday morning we took lyft to the starting line at Soldier Field. The weather was perfect for running and it was a successful race. The rest of the day was a mellow day of more eating and music.

I hope someone enjoyed the above. I’m still figuring things out so any comments suggestions would be awesome!



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