A Cliché: New Year, New Blog

I am a Journalism major at university. In my attempts to network I am often asked if I blog. The answer until today was no, I have never tried. I journal…on paper… at home… and no one reads my thoughts. I feel often blogging falls on deaf ears, but I want to be a writer. I would like to be able to contribute to society and I am realizing more and more that an online presence is needed. I am a writer who doesn’t over write long descriptions and stories. I observe, I interpret, I write. Sometimes my thoughts and observations are straight forward but often I see multiple points of view and choose to present one.

This blog is for me to experiment and write an additional angle from the one I present in class or for the school newspaper.

I am a simple person with a lot of interests. I am practical and emotional, a whirlwind of contradictions learning to define who I am and the world around me. I feel presenting my interests online in a blog will come across as either common or bragging. That is the main reason I haven’t started a blog. I apologize if I do either. I am imperfect and I learning. I am learning how to see myself and I am learning how to write. Another reason I haven’t created my own blog is because I have no main theme. I’ve decided I am going to let this blog create itself. This is my canvas and I am a nervous to share it with the world. If you are reading this, I thank you and apologize for my short comings. I will improve but I will never be perfect.

I am a traveler. I have always felt an urge to explore and see new things. As a small child growing up in South Dakota it meant my mother would lose me in the mall, I would leave my backyard only to be found stuck in a tree and I was overly friendly to every stranger. My traveling has evolved. In my teens I started driving to new places. I remember the first time I drove downtown without using the interstate. I stopped everywhere taking photos of old buildings. I found firehouses with the Ten Commandments out front, churches with accessible and functioning bell towers and the homeless. I love the homeless. When I hit 18 I bought my first transatlantic plane ticket. My parents flipped. I hadn’t graduated high school yet. I was gone for a month and it was awesome. I will never stop traveling.

Food is my friend. Making food helps me think things through and slow down. I bake cupcakes and cookies quite often. I like to experiment. I also make homemade bread and ice cream regularly. The recipes are always simple, often old fashion and are constantly tweaked. Nothing says I love you more than a plate of homemade sugar cookies with buttercream frosting.

I like to play. As one of the few adults who still skips, jump ropes and climbs I don’t consider myself an athlete or an exerciser. I play. I run. I bike. I swim. I do individual sports where I am only competing against myself. I run marathons full and halves. I am slow, but I finish strong and happy. I compete in triathlons at the same slow pace. I rock climb, lede, top rope, and boulder. I have trad climbed in the past but couldn’t do it without a lot of direction. I love riding my bike. I commute to work regularly rain or snow. As I get older I become more aware of health and fitness but it is all in the name of play.

Pandas are my passion. I don’t remember when it began but I am in love with all things Ailuropoda melanoleuca. I have hundreds of stuffed pandas. I have panda coffee cups, sweaters and luggage. For my birthday one year I saved up all my money to fly to Chengdu, China to go to the Panda habitat reserve. Once there I paid to volunteer and feed adolescent pandas. We rubbed noses. It was amazing. I am excited to go visit Bae Bae the newly born Washington DC panda as soon as possible.

Well there I am, a mile wide and an inch deep as my mother would say. My goal is to write once or twice a month for this year of 2016. I will mostly write when something awesome happens.